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Unarco Company History

1937--Founded by Sylvan Goldman, the inventor of the shopping cart as Folding Carrier Corporation in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

1962--Purchased by UNR Industries, a Chicago based manufacturing conglomerate who changed the name to Unarco Commercial Products.

1986--Moved manufacturing facility to Wagoner, Oklahoma.

1992--Added plastic basket shopping carts to product line.

1996--Purchased by Richards Investment Capital of Atlanta Georgia.

1998--Developed "Pro-Shield" powder coat finish to replace Nickel Chrome.

1999--Purchased by The Marmon Group of companies and changed the name to Unarco Industries, Inc.

2003--Developed cart restoration program.

2004--Developed distinctive "Granite Pro-Shield" powder coat finish.

2006--Opened Danville, Virginia cart manufacturing and cart restoration facility.

2008 – Marmon purchased by Berkshire Hathaway

2012 – Developed Roll Cage offer for international markets.

2013 – Developed tight-nest shopping carts that save logistic costs and valuable floor space on the sales floor.

2014 – Developed a more efficient stock picking solution for the emerging E-commerce market.


Unarco Industries LLC | 400 SE 15th Street | Wagoner, OK 74467 | USA
A Marmon Group/Berkshire Hathaway Company