Eco-friendly, Economical and Responsible

Refurbished Shopping & Grocery Carts

Rigorous consumer use, time and harsh elements can take their toll on carts. As the leaders in shopping cart technology, Unarco has the experience and resources to bring worn and weathered carts back to life, giving them the look and performance of new at a lower cost. Contact us today to learn more about our refurbished shopping cart solutions.

You’ll receive an estimated total cost of ownership

We’ll provide valuable data that help you decide when it’s better to remanufacture your existing fleet or replace it with new

We’ll examine your fleet to get a better understanding of its overall condition

Old Shopping Cart Refurbished

Your Cart Fleet, Like New Again

Every major retailer struggles with the task of maintaining a large and often varied cart fleet. Cart remanufacturing can actually extend the life of your fleet at a fraction of the cost of full cart replacement – without compromising on quality or performance.

Steel carts can be remanufactured up to 4 times, increasing their lifespan by up to 5 years each time they’re remanufactured! Your owned cart fleet is your biggest hedge against steel market volatility, and remanufacturing is a great way to maximize your investment for long-term fleet savings.

Remanufactured Unarco carts are 95% recycled.
Many parts are reused while the ones that cannot are recycled.

Remanufactured Shopping Carts

A Sustainable Solution

Today, more and more consumers are giving their support to brands focused on sustainability. Choosing to remanufacture rather than replace your fleet is an ecological option that conserves natural resources and makes a statement of your commitment to sustainability. Get in touch with us to discuss the remanufactured shopping cart process.

Unarco’s industry-leading approach to cart remanufacturing goes far beyond temporary cosmetic changes. Our 6-step, end-to-end refinishing process produces a like-new cart – including a 1-year warranty for all cart types, even those from other manufacturers.

✔ Inspect & Tear Down

✔ Strip to Bare Steel

✔ Remove Rust Damage

✔ Repair Structure

✔ Apply New Powercoat

✔ Assemble Like-New Cart

Reduce your environmental impact

Cart remanufacturing also helps you drive corporate sustainability efforts in a meaningful way. These are just some of the environmental benefits of choosing remanufactured over new carts.

✔ Saves Over 40 Pounds of Coal

✔ Eliminates 145 Pounds of Greenhouse Gasses

✔ Average 58 Pounds of Steel Recycled per Cart

✔ Saves 62 KW Hours of Electricity

✔ Saves 73 Gallons of Water

✔ Saves 261 Pounds of Taconite